Tuesday 9 May 2017

My babies are growing up fast .....

Aww my babies are growing up too fast

Sion has his driving test tomorrow & an interview for signing up to the RAF on Thursday & Ffion has just started her final lot of exams at school hopefully ready to start college in September (if her anxiety & panic attacks let her !!!)

EDIT - Sion passed his driving test & also passed the 1st stage of the RAF selection proccess

Proud mummy photo to share with you all taken at my nieces wedding last month

Clare x


  1. I loved this dress that Ffion was wearing!
    It is true that they grow up so fast! Best of luck for Sion and his driving test tomorrow and I hope Ffion does well in her exams to give her a bit of a confidence boost. Hugs, Lisa x

    1. Thanks Lisa
      Sion passed today, now the car hunting starts
      See you Saturday